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Symbol – XMR

What is Monero ?

Monero is a cryptocurrency, which provides a high level of anonymity to users and their transactions.

Monero Definition

The cryptocurrency Monero uses technologies (like the ring signature, mixer…) to make transactions completely anonymous and untraceable.

No transactional addresses get visible exchanged or recorded. Therefore, it is no wonder that the popularity of Monero has increased. This cryptocurrency, in addition to the applications for anonymous online shopping, also benefits in the illegal sector and underground-markets.

Monero was created in April 2014 as a fork and better alternative to Bytecoin.

History – Monero Info

Founded: April, 2014 by the Bitcointalk-forum user “thankful_for_today”

– Oktober, 2013: CryptoNote (the protocol Monero is based on) was launched by Nicolas van Saberhagen

– September, 2014: CryptoNote (Monero protocol) was attacked by an unknown party – CryptoNote later released a patch to solve the problems 

– 2016: XMR’s market capitalization rapidly growed, mainly because of the closing by law enforcement of AlphaBay (darknet market)

– January, 2017: XMR got improved by the „Confidential Transaction“-algorithm and a strengthened version of ring signatures        

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