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Symbol – XEM

What is NEM ?

NEM is a decentralized crypto-platform that aims to build a sustainable, secure and efficient ecosystem on the internet.

NEM Definition

The crypto-platform NEM, in combination with its cryptocurrency XEM, aims to create a decentralized ecosystem on the Internet, which is designed for a variety of applications.

These include, for example, office automation, personal finance, e-commerce and encrypted personal-messaging. The crypto- platform should offer a high degree of security and reliability. 

NEM uses its own crypto technology, which respects the importance of transactions (Proof-of-Importance).


History – NEM Info

Founded: January, 2014 by a group of Bitcointalk-forum users

– June, 2014: Alpha-version of XEM was released

– March, 2015: first stable version of XEM was released

– 2017: XEM-ecosystem gets updated – Catapult

Further Information

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