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Symbol – NEO, GAS

What is NEO ?

NEO is a cryptocoin that aims to be “Chinas Ethereum” with technological benefits.

NEO Definition

NEO is more than a cryptocurrency. Based on the Ethereum-technology, NEO builds a distributed network for the smart economy (digital assets, digital identity and smart contracts). NEO originated from “Antshares”, the first open-source blockchain-platform developed in China. One technical difference to Ethereum is the support of all major programming languages (Java, C #, Python, etc.) on the NEO-network (used to develop smart contracts). According to statements, NEO cooperates with companies like Microsoft and Alibaba.

„NEO“ and „GAS“ are the cryptographic currencies (Tokens) which drive the NEO-network.


History – NEO Info

Founded: 2014 as „Antshares“ by Da HongFei and Erik Zhang

– 2014: „Antshares“ was founded as the first open-source blockchain-platform in China

– August, 2017: „Antshares“ was rebranded to NEO (Smart Contract Economy) 

– August 13, 2017: NEO-price exceeds 40$

-September, 2017: NEO suffered as China banned ICOs – that means: cryptocurrency-affiliated companies in China get more governmental scrutiny

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