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Symbol – OMG

What is OmiseGo ?

OmiseGo has the vision to become the number one decentralized exchange- and transaction-platform for cryptocurrencies.

OmiseGo Definition

To buy cryptocurrencies, it is usually necessary to exchange a Fiat-currency (such as USD or EUR) for the desired cryptocoins. There are currently very few ways to convert a cryptocurrency to another on one exchange. OmiseGO aims to replace the current method of buying and selling cryptocurrencies from exchanges. 

By connecting existing cryptocurrency-wallets to a central OmiseGO-blockchain, users can quickly and easily exchange different cryptocurrencies. 

Therefore, Omisego becomes a unique decentralized and currency-agnostic exchange- and transaction-platform.

The OMG-coins can be seen as an investment in the OmiseGo-concept, not as a actual cryptocurrency.

History – OmiseGo Info

Founded: 2013 by Jun Hasegawa (CEO of Omise)

– May 2013: the company „Omise“ was founded in Asia

– November 2016: Omise was named “Financial Technology Star” by Forbes Magazine

– 2017: the OmiseGo blockchain was formally established

Further Information

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