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Qtum (QTUM)

What is Qtum ?

Qtum is a blockchain application-platform that bridges the gap between blockchain-technology and the business world.

Qtum Definition

From the perspective of Qtum, already established crypto-platforms have problems of scalability and systems with limited programming functionality, which rely heavily on servers. Qtum combined the most developed and trusted blockchains (Ethereum und Bitcoin) to solve this problems for business- and IOT-applications. It’s modular and mobile-friendly blockchain-technology enables developer to build decentralized apps and solutions to the problems facing businesses around the world. A practical business workflow with trusted data-flow, transaction and communication get’s possible through the Qtum-platform. 

The QTUM crypto-token can be seen as an investment in Qtum, which also fuels the Qtum-network and its running applications.

History – Qtum Info

Founded: 2016 by Patrick Dai

– March 2017: Crowdsale of Qtum took place (51 Million Qtum-token got sold)

– June 2017:  first testnet was released

– September 2017: Qtum released its mainnet (application-platform)

Further Information

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