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Lisk (LSK)

What is Lisk ?

Lisk is a blockchain-application-platform that makes it easier for developer to create their own decentralized-projects.


Lisk Definition

Lisk tries to make blockchain-technology more accessible to developer by creating a Software-Developer-Kit for decentralized applications. In contrast to other blockchain-networks, common programming languages (JavaSkript) can be used to develop decentralized applications in Lisk. Therefore, developer can easily create new crypto-projects with their programming skills.

The goal is to give peoplethe right tools, full control, but also a secure environment to develop entirely new applications and business models in the cryptoworld.

The Lisk-network is based on a mainchain and multiple sidechains. Developer can create, distribute and manage their own sidechain (also with a custom token), which is linked to the Lisk-main-network. The cryptocurrency LSK is a crypto token that fuels the Lisk-network.

History – Lisk Info

Founded: 2016 by Max Kordek and Olivier Beddows

– February 2016: Lisk got funded by ICO and raised 5.8 million USD

– May 2016: Initial release of the Lisk-network

– August 2017: Stable release: the Lisk-network got improved and updated.

Further Information

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