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What is EOS ?

EOS wants to be the operating-system for blockchains and decentralized applications.

EOS Definition

EOS has the goal to build a universal operating-system for blockchains and decentralized apps, including built-in cryptoeconomic functions. Compared to other crypto-projects, a decentralized operating system is somewhat a new approach. The Ethereum-network can be seen as one super-computer. EOS instead is quite like a decentralized-running Windows / Linux / MacOS with its own electronic cash-system.

The difference is that app coins and decentralized applications running on EOS do not affect the EOS operating system itself.

So EOS wants to provide a powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications with a high scalability for mass usage. The vision: decentralized applications and app-coins – running on the decentralized operating system EOS – running on a decentralized computer-network – based on a decentralized community.

The cryptotoken EOS fuels the EOS-system and is used to run the decentralized applications.

History – EOS Info

Founded: 2017 by Brendan Blumer and Daniel Larimer

– Summer 2017: establish the environment that developers will require to start building and testing applications on EOS.IO

– Fall 2017: additional features need to be implemented and tested to build the EOS-network

– Spring 2018: heavy testing, focus on finding security issues and bugs: when successfully tested: version 1.0 of EOS gets tagged

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